Buttercup Inspired Bag

1 02 2011

This bag was started last fall when I started to sew. I made a smaller version of it and gifted it to a friend. C loved it and to my surprise she didn’t notice that I hand stitched the whole thing. Apparently I am very good at hand sewing. So I started this one. It is about twice the size of the small one. It was all going well until I got to the point of making a strap and assembling the inside and outside of the bag. When making the small one the fabric was so firm with all the folds in it that I had to press the needle on my coffee table in order to get it through the layers. I was pretty sure I was going to stab myself at some point. Miraculously I survived, but was left with a bad impression of hand sewing heavy canvas. Now that I have a sewing machine I thought it was time to finish the bag. And I must say that this half handmade half machine stitched bag turned out just beautiful.

I sent these same images to my sister and she was thrilled. It makes me happy that the bag is going to someone as excited about it as I am.

No more sewing for a little while, we are off to Pittsburgh for a long weekend to watch the Steelers win the Super Bowl. Yey Steelers!


Sewing skills test No. 2

25 01 2011

The second trial of my sewing skills. I am very happy with how this is going.

This one is a triangular pouch that I immediately fell in love with and filled with things that are all over my purse.

Sewing skills test

25 01 2011

Last week I finally got a sewing machine. It came after months of whining about how many things it would be useful for, our getting new curtains that are WAY too long, and K’s eventual caving to my whining. So, now I have to learn how to use the darn thing before I ruin our curtains. And this afternoon I took a nice little stroll in arctic temperatures to get some fabric, thread and zippers so I can test my hand at sewing a fully lined zippered pouch.

I found a nice collection of tutorials, which I would gladly link one day if the iPhone app would let me embed links.

I sewed, measured, sandwiched, pinned, sewed some more, pressed, measured again, trimmed, and it all seemed so endless. I think when K went to sleep my excitement for the project started to wane. It was simply taking forever. But I was committed to having a successful first attempt that I persisted. Angry at myself for starting so late and angry at the machine for mercilessly testing my ability to sew straight. And at 1 AM a nice little makeup pouch was finally turned inside out and closed.

It is done. And I love it. I’m not too thrilled with the odd dimensions, but just looking at it on the counter is making me happy.

Yey for creating new things!

Fingerless Mittens

30 12 2010

Furthering my education in knitting I am now moving onto fingerless mittens. I think they will be extra handy when I want to use my phone and camera outside without having to take my gloves off.

Winter: 0 Maja: 1

Work in progress…

One down, one to go.

P.S. Just to point out, these mittens are a royal blue color, i just looked closely at the pictures and realized they all show up differently.

Brooklyn Heights Snow

30 12 2010

Last weekend we had a ton of snow fall in the Northeast and it took longer than usual for it to get cleared.

People cut craters in the snow for walking through.

It piled up everywhere

And not even the amazingly engineered aerodynamics of the Prius spared it from a foot of snow.

Mies Chaise Painting

17 10 2010

Ah, chairs! Ludwig’s chairs. You have to love them. The smooth lines, the organic shapes, how comfortable they seem even in pictures. One of the favorites is the Chaise.

This one was a little more complicated to make since the yellow color layers very obviously when you run the brush over the same spot twice. I found it very frustrating to keep the white line of the chair crisp, while evenly distributing the yellow around it. In the end it is almost perfect. In that I can still see some imperfections that bother me. I must confess, the photograph emphasizes it more than real life.

I still love it. I doubt I’ll be painting another such image using this particular yellow paint. It was a bit of a pain.

Mies Chaise 1931-32

Tree Grove

24 09 2010

While in Pittsburgh I watched a bunch of DIY network. And they redecorate constantly. Basically all day long, you can watch messy, boring rooms get turned into something spectacular, elegant and pulled together. One of the shows had the host paint this brown toned painting with trees in it. It really resonated with me and I wanted to make something similar. My take on this:

I gave the painting to my sister as a birthday present. She has it sitting on a ledge in her bedroom so she can see it every day when she wakes up. I have to say this location makes me happy. I love the color and the happiness of the trees, and the fact that she keeps it in such a prominent place makes me think that she likes looking at it as well.

It’s the same kelly green color that I used for the Barcelona Chair, but this time it is shaded rather than put on at full potency.