Buttercup Inspired Bag

1 02 2011

This bag was started last fall when I started to sew. I made a smaller version of it and gifted it to a friend. C loved it and to my surprise she didn’t notice that I hand stitched the whole thing. Apparently I am very good at hand sewing. So I started this one. It is about twice the size of the small one. It was all going well until I got to the point of making a strap and assembling the inside and outside of the bag. When making the small one the fabric was so firm with all the folds in it that I had to press the needle on my coffee table in order to get it through the layers. I was pretty sure I was going to stab myself at some point. Miraculously I survived, but was left with a bad impression of hand sewing heavy canvas. Now that I have a sewing machine I thought it was time to finish the bag. And I must say that this half handmade half machine stitched bag turned out just beautiful.

I sent these same images to my sister and she was thrilled. It makes me happy that the bag is going to someone as excited about it as I am.

No more sewing for a little while, we are off to Pittsburgh for a long weekend to watch the Steelers win the Super Bowl. Yey Steelers!




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