Pocono Biking

So you’re thinking about going on the Pocono Biking trip. Here’s some information on what you may need to know.

What they will have

What to pack

What to expect

General Information

Lehigh Gorge – 25 Mile
Rental & Shuttle – $39.95
Rental Only
$8.95 per hr (up to 3 hrs)

Or $26.95 full day (3+hrs)

Shuttle only – $17.95
Adult group (15+) – $29.95
All Rates are per person and subject to user fee/insurance.


What They Will Have

When we arrive there you will get a bike, helmet, bottle of water and a shuttle ride back to White Haven for your rental fee price.

What to Pack

Clothes – You should consider your clothing. Wear hiking pants or sweat pants. Do not wear jeans since they will cut off your circulation for the long bike ride. You will need a shirt you can sweat in. It will get windy so you will need a jacket. I recommend a windproof one, but if you have a favorite fleece you can wear that.

Bring a second shirt or any change of clothing you think you will want to change after the ride.

Shoes – Wear comfy shoes. Either a pair of sneakers or light hiking shoes.

Please note that this will be outside so you shouldn’t bring your favorite anything that you are not comfortable with getting dusty, dirty or snagged on a branch.

Backpack – Bring a backpack for your lunch, water, and anything else you think you will need for the 5 hours away from civilization. I recommend a lens kit if you wear lenses (I ended up with a little bug in my eye last biking trip through the forest and it was no fun, and I don’t even wear lenses).

Lunch – Since we will be out and about for at least 5 hours pack a sandwich, or two, or your favorite snacking food. Do no be mistaken, you will get hungry. And when you see the rest of the people eating you may go into diabetic shock just from watching them.

Miscellaneous Equipment – The whole of New England will be turning red so you may want to seriously consider bringing a camera. We will be going through some very pretty countryside next to a river through the woods. If you want to take some pictures we can always stop and snap away.


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