Mies Chaise Painting

17 10 2010

Ah, chairs! Ludwig’s chairs. You have to love them. The smooth lines, the organic shapes, how comfortable they seem even in pictures. One of the favorites is the Chaise.

This one was a little more complicated to make since the yellow color layers very obviously when you run the brush over the same spot twice. I found it very frustrating to keep the white line of the chair crisp, while evenly distributing the yellow around it. In the end it is almost perfect. In that I can still see some imperfections that bother me. I must confess, the photograph emphasizes it more than real life.

I still love it. I doubt I’ll be painting another such image using this particular yellow paint. It was a bit of a pain.

Mies Chaise 1931-32


Barcelona Chair Painting

21 09 2010

After seeing how much I liked the first painting and how much fun, and how satisfying, it was to make it I decided to get a little more bold and buy some real stretched canvases with the idea of painting the Barcelona Chair.

This was taken as it was drying hanging off some shelves in our old apartment. My friend C came over that same night and asked if K and I went to IKEA. We were confused by the question but, we had actually gone that same day. She was convinced that we got the painting there. I had to explain that I had just made it and when she saw the wet paint she finally believed us.

I absolutely love this one. The color is amazing. The chair is just classic. We actually have two ottomans that go with this chair, but sadly not the chair itself. Yet. Once you know which chair this is you start seeing it everywhere. Our friend B is studying art history and recognized it immediately. After i turned this into a series of chairs in different colors which I will tell you about soon I decided that I needed to share my first real painting with someone who really loves art. I gave B my Barcelona chair as a birthday present. She was very happy with it.

I now have a replacement kelly green Barcelona chair painting that I made to complete a set of four different chairs in different colors.

Since I met K I realized how beautiful chairs are, and just how much appreciation I had for their design. The Barcelona Chair is pretty special and you can search for it online or in a good architecture or design book and it should pop out at you.


Barcelona chair and Ottoman The Barcelona chai...

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