Tree Grove

24 09 2010

While in Pittsburgh I watched a bunch of DIY network. And they redecorate constantly. Basically all day long, you can watch messy, boring rooms get turned into something spectacular, elegant and pulled together. One of the shows had the host paint this brown toned painting with trees in it. It really resonated with me and I wanted to make something similar. My take on this:

I gave the painting to my sister as a birthday present. She has it sitting on a ledge in her bedroom so she can see it every day when she wakes up. I have to say this location makes me happy. I love the color and the happiness of the trees, and the fact that she keeps it in such a prominent place makes me think that she likes looking at it as well.

It’s the same kelly green color that I used for the Barcelona Chair, but this time it is shaded rather than put on at full potency.


Cherry Blossoms

21 09 2010

In spring of 2008 my friend Lisa asked me to come with her to the art supply shop so she can get some supplies because she wanted to start painting again. I had passed this particular shop a few times and knew where it was so I offered to go with her. We got there and while she was looking for some things in particular I thought I could try painting something. This is a big deal coming from a girl that had her parents do her art homework in grade school. So I got a foam core board, a brush and a tube of red paint. Just to see what came of it.

So, what did come out? My first painting:

I made it for K. He was away at a conference for a week and it took me that long to finish it while attending classes every day. I am pretty happy with what I made. K loved it so much we ended up putting it over our bed.