Sewing skills test No. 2

25 01 2011

The second trial of my sewing skills. I am very happy with how this is going.

This one is a triangular pouch that I immediately fell in love with and filled with things that are all over my purse.


Sewing skills test

25 01 2011

Last week I finally got a sewing machine. It came after months of whining about how many things it would be useful for, our getting new curtains that are WAY too long, and K’s eventual caving to my whining. So, now I have to learn how to use the darn thing before I ruin our curtains. And this afternoon I took a nice little stroll in arctic temperatures to get some fabric, thread and zippers so I can test my hand at sewing a fully lined zippered pouch.

I found a nice collection of tutorials, which I would gladly link one day if the iPhone app would let me embed links.

I sewed, measured, sandwiched, pinned, sewed some more, pressed, measured again, trimmed, and it all seemed so endless. I think when K went to sleep my excitement for the project started to wane. It was simply taking forever. But I was committed to having a successful first attempt that I persisted. Angry at myself for starting so late and angry at the machine for mercilessly testing my ability to sew straight. And at 1 AM a nice little makeup pouch was finally turned inside out and closed.

It is done. And I love it. I’m not too thrilled with the odd dimensions, but just looking at it on the counter is making me happy.

Yey for creating new things!